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Alana Campos, now at age 22, is from Brazilian town of Florianopolis. The only problem of this town was that there were too many beautiful and sexy women. Alana says that she had to stand out from the other girls so that the world could notice her.

“In my place you are surrounded by the ocean from all sides, and besides everyone smiles. But here, all the girls are beautiful, so when you go out on the street, you’re just another pretty face, it’s very annoying”.

She says: “I went to several contests, and finally won one, organized by the football team Avai.”

Alana acknowledged that she didn’t dream to become a model, but a flight attendant instead. “To fly for free and see all the magical places of the world was my dream,” she explains.

One sunny day in January, however, a practical idea occurs to her. She decides to shoot for the American Playboy Magazine. The old man Hugh Hefner shows a keen eye and then later Alana becomes Playboy’s Miss September 2012.

“I had never posed nude before, I have not even gone topless on the beach” shocked Ms. Campos. “But Playboy is Playboy”.

What’s her ideal for what men should look like? “I like broad shoulders, strong legs and expressive brown eyes”.

Alana Campos is a football fan also. Who is her favorite player? “My favorite player isn’t Neymar, but Hulk. You will see that he will be the new Pele, although he is white”.

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