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Pilar Lastra

Hello, fellows! This week Erodevil introduces you one of the hottest Playboy’s models ever. Her name is Pilar Montserrat Lastra. She was claimed Playmate of the Month for month of August in 2004. But still delights us when we look at her sexy body!

She is born in January 15th 1981 in Monterey Park, California, U.S. Some of you may know Lastra as one of the models on the game show Deal or No Deal which was broadcasted on the NBC. Can you imagine that Pilar Lastra along with twenty five other models from this show was listed as a whole in a popular magazine’s annual Top Hundred Most Beautiful People on Earth! It’s no surprise to us!

Pilar Lastra is familiar to us also for her working for Sirius Radio which hosts The Playmate Hour. Together with another Playmate of the month, Miriam Gonzalez, Lastra wrote one chapter of the famous book “Naked Came the summer” which was later filmed. What a talent! Not only has she a hot and sexy body but also a beautiful mind!

Now let’s talk more about what interests most of you – her perfect measures of Pilar’s hot body! Her bust is 34, her waist – 25 and her hips – 34. Oh, wow! We want to look and look and look at her all night long… Her height is 166 cm or 5 ft 5.5 in and her weight is normal – 110 lb or 50 kg. Great measures for such a hot and sexy model! Just imagine her sexy body naked. Wait, no need to imagine it, just scroll down and look at her nude photos for free!

Pilar Lastra has appeared in several movies or TV shows. Here is the full list of her performances:

  • Las Vegas – Take the money and run (2005) Fleeting Cheating Meeting (2007) … Pomona
  • Deal or No Deal (2005) …. Model #26, later Model #8, and later Model #14
  • The Last Great Infomercial (2005) …. Tiffany Brittany
  • Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (2005) (post-production) …. Gabrielle Mendez
  • No Rules (2005) …. Jennifer
  • The Girls Next Door – I’ll Take Manhattan (2005) …. Herself
  • Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 2005 (2004) …. Herself
  • Malibu Spring Break (2003) …. Gloria


Enough said for the beauty queen Pilar Lastra. Now it’s time to enjoy her sexy nude photos which we from Erodevil prepared for you! Don’t forget to log in first in order to see all naked pics uncensored. It’s absolutely free! 🙂

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