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PornHub created wearable device that generates electricity

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Erodevil presents to you a brand new wearable device that generates energy while you are… masturbating! It’s called Wankband! And it’s real!

Have you ever thought about how much time per day you spend on the internet browsing erotic sites, looking at hot girls in Erodevil and how much energy you consume all this time? It’s not a secret that people exhaust very quickly  the available energy resources of the planet, while they’re causing a huge damage on the environment.

Wankband charger

PornHub is one of the few companies, and certainly the only one in its field, which realizes that and offers its customers millions of hours of erotic content for viewing. That’s how they inevitably become part of this global problem. Thus was born the idea of a device to help men to save the world while doing what they do best.

We are introducing you Wankband – first nomadic devices, intended to help saving the environment while jerking off. Wankband generates power through the movement of wanking and fits great in our daily activities. The bracelet contains a special component with a weight inside it that generates and stores energy through wobble, and we all know what to do to provoke it! Love the world, while loving yourself. It’s enough to put anything you want at UBS port device and charge it.

We, from Erodevil, encourage organizing eco orgies, because even if you get caught in an awkward moment, you can always leave the situation by saying that you are now saving the world or saving money from the electricity bills. Of course, that’s a joke.

You may even become a part of their special program which is focused precisely to the “saviors of the world.” Note that Wankband is unisex and can also be used by women, so each one of us can actually produce ecological energy alone and recharge their smart gadgets.

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